Monday, January 25, 2016

Dusting off the back of a horse

So yea, as the title says....Im dusting off the old blog, getting back on the horse....or someting like that. I'm a new Mum. I'm sleep deprived. You knew what I meant, right?

So, many of you have probably found us via the Homestyle article.
Wow, so exciting for us.... after many years slaving away on this house beast, to see it all glossy in print like that was just too cool.

I really slacked off on the blog this last year, we were busy doing a lot of "finishing" jobs, which I will get to on here eventually.... Instagram has been my blog for those this last year. Between that and baby baking + working away on the day job, I took my slack blogging to a whole new level...It become non existent.

SO! I hereby pledge to blog,  we have an exciting project coming up. What would our life be without one...and I will start to keep you all informed on that, along with our landscaping around the house and general DIY adventures.

Right now, I'm enjoying the latest project we created, the "New and Needy Human".  I'm waist deep in "mustard seed poo" (to the non-parents, that's actually a thing... Babies are so grossly gorgeous) and I just took a typing pause to clear my bra of a ridiculous amount of cookie crumbs that i shoved in my face while feeding Freya.....note to self, check child for residual cookie, it was my last one, would be a shame to waste it. So until I have things other than poo and feral speed eating to talk about, I will spare you. But it wont be long (says new and naive first time Mother)....

Stick around, or sign up for updates....I dont know how/if you can do that. I will have to ask Guy if I just led you up the garden path with that suggestion. But anyway, I'll see you real soon.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I just had to chair



Hey all! I wanted to leave you with a parting gift before we go bush. My trademe watchlist gems that are closing over the next few days...


I would like them all, but holidays are expensive and house stuff is taking a backseat this month in place of some R&R and adventure.


This hanging cane chair, he's a little rough around the edges maybe but a coat of poly would have him looking pretty great again....or left that sweet bleached out grey....just add sheepskin and he's looking smart!


This wire egg chair and its long lost banana chair cousin (minus the sexy cushion). Love these two!! Hey, I've said it before but, sheepskins. Throw 'em on..... Your butt will love ya! And don't forget about the affordability of a fresh powder coat!


Oh, and four dining chairs for $150, not bad I reckon....again....without the cushions.....And have I mentioned sheepskins?? By the way, I have nothing against sheep. Eek now I feel terrible, baa.


Hope some of you love them as much as I do. I have a chair problem and if one of you buy them I can live vicariously through you, you are not an enabler to my addiction, it's totally fine.




Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The shmeg

We had high hopes for our under bench fridge, in my dreams it was a black smeg bar fridge, everytime I would go to fetch a beer we would share a moment, he would gently hum as if to say "thanks for choosing me" and I would sigh and say "thanks for being you". But I was immediately torn from my sweet fridge dream when I saw what he would cost me! More than my first car! Not that that would be hard...but still, that's besides the point. I couldn't, nay, I WOULDN'T pay that much for a cold box. (Ok to be honest it's pretty much "I couldn't", we totally do not have dispensable fridge monies lying around) so we started looking for alternatives and found a pretty cool retro smeg-looking fridge called a Husky, we saw it at Harvey Norman on some super special for around $600, but at the time we had just bought a washer and dryer and we had the money spending shakes already, so we left it behind.

Since that day, there have been many more days when I have said "let's go get that fridge" and there have been days when Guy has agreed.... And on those kinda days, you've never seen a girl get ready and in the car so quick, because an extra minute covering that chin zit could cost you a change of mind, you must move swiftly, Taylor Swiftly. Alas, when we would get to the store, it was never on special ever again. It was either $999 or $749 and that may not seem like a big deal if your name is not Mr and Mrs Nurse but we have a mental road block when it comes to paying any more than what we have seen it for in the past. The Husky was a goner...... erm, Literally, it has now been discontinued apparently, Ha!

So we were back at our empty hole under the island bench. What would become of it? All it did at the moment was house Jed's water bowl and give him and excuse for lurking in the kitchen "who me? No, no I'm not waiting for scraps to fall to the floor, I was thirsty, so thirsty, just looking for my water bowl, oh I found it, lap lap lap *side eye* lap lap". I was desperate to fill the void and get a fridge... Then I came across a dusty old Kelvinator in the shed, no one is 100% sure where it came from, an orphan fridge. So I decided to give it the Annie treatment and show it that tomorrow was only a day away and it was going to be spruced up and loved by our family and it's forever home. If I couldn't have a Smeg fridge because my wallets weren't deep enough/are fake pockets that are sewn shut then I would freaking well make my own smeg.... And we will call it the SHMEG because smeg shmeg, our beers will be just as cold.



Blah blah blah, geez I go on. Here's what I did.



Find suitable hole under bench.



Find dusty kelvinator in a shed and give it a good clean
Meet your new best friend, I LOVE this stuff and have gone through bottles of it, it sticks to any metal with crazy intensity and dries a really great matte black. You can also get a top coat in this range in a matte black but the primer gives such a great finish! Tip, etching primer that is brushed over top of etching primer.....removes etching primer. Moral of that story, stick to these spray cans and not the little pottle of paint.... Learned during the painting of our flashings. I sprayed two coats on the kelv.
Buy stick on letters, I couldn't find any brass letters that went beyond A B C so I settled with these red reflective jobs for $2 each and I gave them a coat of etching primer before spraying them with
I would have used a specific brass coloured spray but Christmas had stolen all the bottles so I went with gold. It's important to spray them with the etching primer first, the normal paints just won't stick. I gave them one coat of primer and 3 coats of gold. Remember to leave the adhesive on the back until you've sprayed and dried them all (bit of a no brained but you never know, too much eggnog or something like that)
This is what it looked like at first, I got a little over eager and got straight into the sticking. After a few hours of looking at it and thinking "something's not right...and I don't mean the h", I realised the letters were too close is just before we sat down for dinner I ripped them off and did it again.
Tadaaaaaaa! We love him. He keeps our beers cold and our hearts warm.
* by the way if you just have an ugly fridge that could benefit from a splash of matte black without the lettering, that spray is seriously so good.
I bought everything from Mitre 10 Mega, aka the place that absorbs allllll the monies!










Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's all coming along, promise.


The fireplace, finally finished and undercoated!
Time to start dreaming of a deck for summer.....


Life, oh life, oh liiiiiiife



Saw this quote today and thought nothing could be more true. There are always things in life we wish would happen for us but it just seems to take it's sweet time. In all honesty for us, after almost 11 years together, it's tiny people that are half him and half me (maybe three quarters him, ha!). For others, maybe it's a home, a husband, a wife, a promotion, a lotto win or maybe just your hope that your monthly hormonal zit scar will one day fade. I'm all about the trusting!

Happy Tuesday! :-)



Sunday, September 28, 2014

Did someone say montage?!?


Throughout the build I've made little flipagrams out of our progress photos, it always gives us a boost to see it happening so opposed to the day by day drag it can sometimes feel like. But today, I went next level, I compiled them from start to finish....epic piece of videography, it is not....but....Motivation-us Maximus it most certainly is. Hooray, we've come a long way baby


Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Five

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll remember when I used to do a Friday Five. A selction of 5 songs for your weekend listening pleasure. Well spotify have made it way easier for me to do,  so I'm bringing it back like Georgie Pie. Happy Friday Friends!