autumn daze

How freakin amazing are all the gorgeous colours that we see in Autumn {or ‘Fall’ for some}. My lovely friend Ems and I went for an afternoon stroll through the botanic gardens the other day and I was buzzing on the beauty…. I was this close to taking leaves and making leaf prints in autumnal colours when I got home… Then I remembered I wasn’t 5.
Oh yea….. And we bought a guide book to the gardens because we wanted the real touristy deal. Ems navigated us around those gardens like a Boss.
Ahhh I nearly forgot…… The boingy tree. When I was a little kid we used to go straight to this tree when arriving at the gardens…. Huge branches hang low to the ground and when moved they start to bounce up and down pretty buoyantly. It was still fun at 28!

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