missing the pook

So, I call Guy pooks….. It all stemmed from this ad on TV where a woman surprises her husband with a personalized car number plate that says pookie…. A little skater kid stops and laughs at this silly grown man with a ridiculous number plate….. So I started calling Nursey pookie to wind him up, which worked for a while…but then it kinda stuck and now he is pooks, I am pooks and Jed is pooks. Family of pookies. Completely irrelevant information leading to nothing, actually only been said to describe the title of this post…. There, now you understand the title you will be able to drift off to sleep with ease tonight. Your welcome.
Today is day 2 of Guy being away…. He is on a hunter gatherer mission in the South of the South Island…. It involves jet boating up a scary river to an area of bush where they will set up basecamp and start to hunt (don’t worry he has promised to steer well clear of ‘bambi and their mother’ types). Last night I woke up and stayed that way for 2 1/2hrs just straight up losing my mind down the deep dark panic hole worrying about all the things that could go wrong on a trip like that. I know, what a horrible thing thing to torture yourself with…. clearly I’m a mental. I have to say its a dangerous thing loving someone so freakin’ much.
So it’s sad face palace here at the Nursey Casa this week…. I think Jed is clinically depressed. If you’ve never seen a dog mope before, let me assure you it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. I don’t blame the little ginger kid though, I feel a tad mopeish myself (Nursey is quite popular around these parts if you haven’t figured that one out)
Take a look at that dog…. And try not to feel a wee bit sad for him?!?
On the up side it’s only 3 more sleeps until he gets home and 3 more sleeps until my sisters and their husbands arrive from Melbourne and Minnesota!! So much excite!

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