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Oh those days!!! You know the days when you probably shouldn’t cry into your hot water and lemon but you do anyway. Well I had one of those this morning…. Over a small thing in the grand scheme of life… but we’re all human and we are allowed those mornings, the mornings when hot lemons are saltier than ever necessary. I spoke to my dear sister and she listened and empathized. Empathy…. It can be incredibly comforting. She gave me some great advice…. Go shopping!. Ok well she actually said “do something that makes you happy” and suggested I watch twilight… But I didn’t feel like reciting a movie, So I said, you mean go shopping? Yes, yes that’s exactly what she meant. Do I really need this top, jeans, skirt, shirt, decor….. Yes, Lisa says yes.
Comfy new jeans and seriously cosy jumper
This is a 12year old coat that used to be white…. That had turned slightly yellow in its old age. I had it dyed Navy (my favourite colour) and now it has another 12 or more years easy!!! It is such a great shape and I love how the wool is all raw edged…. I’m going to replace the slightly dyed blue buttons with something wooden. Getting this back from the dry cleaners cheered me up for sure.
2 more sleeps until Nursey is home…, can’t wait to see him!!!!!

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