sun is shining, cold is biting

It’s one of those lovely Christchurch mornings where the sun is streaming in your window, birds are singing, the sky is a clear blue and the cold is crispy. I love these mornings, I love laying in bed in the sun while Nursey runs down to the shops and fetches ingredients for my favourite blueberry smoothie. Top points to the man.
On another note, this morning I go to my 3rd appointment with the kinesiologist… My last appointment, he cracked my neck and then asked me to wiggle my toes!!!! ummm. And my first appointment he had to manipulate my uterus, yes, it is as uncomfortable as it sounds…. ( is 3rd post too soon for the word uterus?) meh.
Hopefully this time he just decides to split an Easter egg and talk about how Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are planning a huge summer wedding… No way, yes way, omg…….. But maybe not.