thanksgiving.... better late than never

We had an awesome thanksgiving celebration here on Tuesday….. Sarah and Maurice, my American brother in law and my sister, were supposed to be here for thanksgiving last year but sadly they couldn’t make it…. Maurice has traditionally invited all of his friends to his place to celebrate thanksgiving in New Zealand…. It’s really lovely and novel for us kiwi’s because it’s not a holiday we celebrate obviously. I love the idea of it though, such a great thing to get all of your family and friends together and throw in a heap of good vibes.

I was in my element. Chained to the kitchen, trying new recipes!! I have never made a pumpkin pie…. Or pastry for that matter but I did both, and I must say they were pretty delishiiiimo!! I also made these fantastic little peanut butter treats called ‘buckeyes’ I found the recipe on the smitten kitchen blog. {I love that blog….. LOVE!!! The food is amazing, her spinach and gruyere strata is one of my favourite things to cook for brunch}
It was such a wonderful night with family and meeting new people.
Oh and the next morning I found this fella doing some cleaning up while still in his pajamas….. Wearing my scarf. Worried? Umm…Yea maybe a little. Mainly because I think he may look better in it than I do….

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