Every Wednesday I make a quiche for my Nana and Aunty…. It’s My Nana’s favourite thing that I make and fortunately the easiest!!! Because I have been instagramming the shiz out of these quiches a couple of you have been curious about the recipe….
Now, I got this recipe off my Mother in Law who got it off a friend, who got it off a friend etc etc etc…. So I have no idea where it’s come from!!! The best part about these is, no quiche is the same! It’s all about using what is about to die a slow death in your fridge what’s on hand or in season.
Ok here goes, prepare to be amazed at the ease.
Mix until smooth-
5 free range eggs
1/2 cup grapeseed oil
1 cup self rising flour
Salt and pepper
Now, that friends, is your base…. Really do with it what you wish… But here’s some ideas…
I always throw a heap of wilted spinach in {as much moisture out as possiblehint I use my scanpan and pile a heap of spinach, leek, etc add some crushed garlic and a little water, chuck on the lid until soft} softened leek or diced onion, grated zucchini, grated carrot, roast kumara {sweet potato}, grated cheese -I prefer roughly crumbled feta.
A chorizo and blue cheese combo would be nice. Really, anything your heart desires!!
I often sprinkle with paprika or cheese and pumpkin seeds.
Stir it all up and spoon into a lined quiche dish cook at 180•c until golden and firm to touch.
I cut mine up, refrigerate and eat cold as snacks or lunch, also when cut up small like that it’s a good finger food for parties
There we go, just call me Martha tryhard, If you make any delicious combinations, let me know!!

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