flashback friday


It all started in 2009 when i made this little photo strip (yes it was a strip, not a photo square) save the date and sent it out to our family and friends.... I still see it stuck to friends pin boards and fridges today which is so nice... I absolutely loved planning our wedding. I mean I had been dreaming about it for 7 years so when the planning started my brain was allowed to start making room for other things - I swear my IQ went up. Everything about our wedding was very DIY and I loved that it all reflected who we were/are still.

January 10, 2010


We got married in Kaikoura, here in New Zealand. It was a crazy blustery day.... The wind was so strong that my hair up was blown right out as I walked down the aisle... And I wouldn't have changed a thing. I have a highly irrational fear bit of trouble with being in front of a large group of people who are all looking my way.... The crazy wind and hair made me completely relax and laugh my way down to guy.

Then came time for photos down at South bay, the wind died and the water got completely glassy. I'm sure Guy would have been thinking about what the surf was doing down the road seeing as their pre-wedding surf was uncharacteristically flat for Kaiks... These photos with our wedding party were such a highlight... Taken by our ridiculously talented friend Camilla Stoddart, it was super relaxed with beers and champers in hand and laughs every minute. Prepare for a photo bomb.....



It was a magic day and everything that my over-stuffed brain could have imagined..... Awwwww

*** please excuse the quality of some of these pics, I dragged them off my fb page!! That's what happens when you blog from bed. Sorry Camilla!!!!



  1. a couple of things:

    1.Still one of the most dreamy awesome weddings I have seen around xo

    2. You have been holding out on me...your bloggy friend that you are in fact blogging again.

    3. That means you have to come down and visit and dye my new short bob hair for me as punishment.

    4. I really hope you do

    5. That is all and well done my darling. love it!

    6. xoxo

  2. Haha Ju, sorry!! I have been setting up late at night. Bob hair!!! Who's the hold out now?? I need a pic ASAP xx


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