h o t t i e

I was flicking through my photos yesterday during my 'operation blog spruce' and this photo of my darling friend Clare grabbed my attention and then ultimately became my style tab button. I love everything about this photo. Clare was obsessing over a wonky hem on this little vintage dress of mine and she was determined to fix it!

I snapped a photo of her struggle and it turned out to be one of my favourite photos! She's a hottie and the girl has serious style. She has since abandoned me moved to Wanaka (cue - mini violins playing sad music) but on the bright side, I sense a fair few winter retreats coming my way! Hooray


  1. absolutely love her style! and the ombre hair!! great photo, girl!
    xo TJ

  2. Thanks! She really is such a little steezer! I'll tell her about the hair comment, she was thinking of having a change when she comes to see me on Monday! Nooooooo!


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