happy birthday Mr.

It was the fella's birthday on Sunday, his choosing day. He chose a beach in the middle of nowhere, a solo surf, a near truck drowning incident, a crazy ride over some shingle dunes and a near bogging 2 meters from the tide incident.

It was quite the adventure and a laugh and a beer on the beach afterwards was a must

Jed was a massive fan of the day....

Afterwards we invited both mine and and Guys parents around for dinner....seeing as it was also mothers day it gave us a good chance to say a big thanks to those lovely ladies in our life.... And tell them all about our little adventure for the day.

On the dinner menu was: barbecued honey and mint butterflied leg of lamb (Peter timms) roast veg with rocket and feta and a beet root salad..... Not forgetting The beautiful cake that Guys Mum bought over for desert. Yum

At the end of the day we lay on the couch and almost fell asleep listening to the mothers day mix I made for my Mum.

Twenty niiiiiiiiine...... this was said at least 50 times throughout the day. We are COMPLETELY obsessed with this show!! It is soooofreakin good. Schmidt = amazing.

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