hi ho hi ho

It’s off to work I go!!!
Well my holiday is officially over…. The last 2 weeks have been a blast and we managed to pull off a pretty seamless surprise party for my Dads 60th on Saturday!! Hooray!! I made a wee video of our time together as a surprise from us all and it went down a treat….. Phew. It was a long night of editing but I was so pleased I did it. I’m hoping to get it up on the blog here soon with a list of the apps I used. That’s right folks I did it all on this here iPhone I’m holding.
On another note… I went to the kineseologist today and I mentioned I’ve been getting sore feet in the morning….. His answer was “it’s probably just toxicity, have you been drinking too much booze”….. Ahhhh why yes Mr witch doctor, yes I have. Thanks for bringing that up…. He then ensued with pulling and clicking my toes and then bent them over some sadistic torture device and smashed them!!!!! True story. So my ‘booze hooves’ (as guy and I named them) have been cured. Hip hip…..
My sweet little shampoo station.

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