like a boss


I'm sitting here in the Melbourne sun, on my sisters couch in their beautiful bungalow and reflecting on the EPIC day we had yesterday!! My sister and bro-in have always been very good at spoiling us and yesterday my Sis' pulled out all the stops on a serious pamper day.



We went to the amazing Crown Towers Spa and had a solid 3 hours worth of massage and facial bliss, I felt like I was on another planet ( I think we Christchurch folk underestimate our inability to really truly relax like we used to be able to before all the Earthquakes) I was completely and utterly 100% relaxed and I had to keep bringing myself back from the verge of mouth-wide-open, drooling, snoring, straight up ugly-sleep!



After that we went for a dip in the pool, which we had all to ourselves.... And we acted like it... Dolphin diving... Sneaking up on each other.... Belly flopping over lanes and accidental free boobin' (don't ask). I then had a blow wave.... Which took the guy an hour and a half, Hi, I have the hair of 3 people combined.

For dinner we went to Federation Square to this crazy good restaurant called Taxi, it was like a party in my mouth. So freakin good.


So yes, right now I am blissing out and about to embark on a winery tour, don't mind if I do.


Yep, this is actually happening right now. Ammmmazing.

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  1. Oh amaaaazzzzzinnnggg!!! Next time we are going TOGETHER! Maybe Finders Keepers in October yes? Hope you and hubby are having wonderful road trips. We will miss you this weekend xoxo


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