love triangle

It's no secret amongst my family and friends that I love a bargain.... I get serious thrills. In fact at one stage I was going to start a blog called thrift@chain for the very reason that I love thrifting and shopping at chain stores. Surely it is more about how you wear something than how much you spent? right?


My 3 favourite items at the moment are

1. Aztec top from JayJays $5 I got 2 other tees that are kinda similar
bringing the total to a whopping $15!!
2. My seriously snuggly scarf from sussans, love isn't a strong enough word. I put it on and literally swallows my face. It was $65 originally, $45 with 30% off accessories for one day. Baaargain Boom
3. Distressed skinnys from just jeans $49 really rigid denim with just a hint of stretch and the perfect length.

Now this is not to say I am against buying the odd big ticket item... On the contrary. Boots and jackets are two of my vices and, oh yes! I will spend when necessary. I'm currently trying to sober myself out and not buy any coats/jackets/blazers. I have an obsession that will end up with me having just those in my closet and I will be the skanky 'just a coat, nothing else' lady walking the streets. Not good.

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