Melbourne adventures


Oh the wonders of technology!!! I am writing this while sitting in the passenger seat of our fluoro green and purple campervan (which seems to have this magical ability to change Guy into 'Hans the German tourist' as soon as he gets behind the wheel, yes, I will be traveling with Hans for the next few days!). Well, what a magic few days we've had in Melbourne!


On Monday we drove out to the Yarra valley wine area and had a beautiful lunch at the Chandon winery. The views were INCREDIBLE and the food and wine were delicious.... Gafa and Guy are like a seafood power eating tag team.... It's kinda gross, not gonna lie..... The octopus tentacles were staring right at me, I had scary giant squid dreams.

We popped down to a local restaurant that night for dinner and had the biggest meals I've ever seen, I seriously couldn't believe the generous servings of food... And the whole time this huge cabinet of cakes was right there just daring us to eat them..... As the old saying goes....who dares, wins.

I ended up getting the mars bar slice although I couldn't help but notice the cream donuts that had the signs 'small kok' and 'large kok' in front of them..... It's a Greek version of a yoyo.... And yes it is pronounced as it reads. I just couldn't bring myself to buy a small kok for dessert.



Tuesday was a day of shopping with just my big sis' and I. Even though Lisa has lived there for almost 10 years it was still an adventure trying to figure out wherever we were and how to get to where we wanted to go....possibly the two people with the worst bearings ever.... The blind leading the blind. But get there we did, we cruised around the fitzroy area... I picked up a gorgeous mustard colored shirt and yet another owl for our place.... Also yellow (I was attracted to everything yellow yesterday) and a very cool wee gift for little baby Bodie, (my maid of honor bec and her husband Jono's new addition) who we are meeting for the first time once we get to Sydney!

The lane ways in Melbourne are very cool and while we were there i saw this little fella.... I'm totes a fan.


While all this shopping and sister bonding was going on....Guy was getting slotted at Bells. Each of us in perfect worlds for the day..... Shopping and surfing, ha!!!!


Oh!!! If you are ever in Melbourne you have to go to The little Creatures dining room..... I LOVED THIS PLACE! Such great food, I could've eaten the whole menu and we all know how much I love a cold pint of pilsner....mmmmm.


We're on the road and we're staying at Lakes Entrance tonight before carrying on with the coastal drive up to Sydney. Ready for some adventure.

Ta, ta xxx


  1. Ah ha! I see my sneaky plan of pretending to be lost in the city actually fooled you! My hope was for you to have an authentic Melbourne experience. Those darn grid designed cities are way too confusing for the abstract minded folk such as we two. From strange backwards walking men to a mouth full of crepe ( laughing at the pronunciation "crap" - old are we again?) to Ned Kelly-esque dreamy waiters sans the metal armour....... I would deem the day a successful Melbourne adventure. How lovely it was having my little sister all to myself. Please come back soon. I miss you already. Forever your intrepid sister ( with absolutely zilch sense of direction) Lisxxxx

    1. haha your comment actually made me do a... laugh out loud.....dammit i just couldn't bring myself to lol. Best time! You are freakin' awesome and the Ned Kelly waiter was definitely a hawtie!


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