a quickie


This is really just going to be a post of pictures and captions...... For example the picture above is off the map showing me where we are exactly....which is right there....I am the the little blue dot inside the blue ring, that is me... I think I look lovely.

We are actually at a beach called alice the Camel Rock, and Guy has pulled on his wettie with lightening speed and run into the ocean.

So, just a brief update on what we have been up to.


We woke up bright and early in Lakes Entrance ( no need for alarm clocks when you are surrounded by squawking Aussie birds) and we went to check the surf.....as you can see it wasn't up to anything at all....just lazily lapping at the shore....not peaking into hollow barrels like Guy had been dreaming about through the night (smackity thwack...eat my foam ball slater). The horizon was a stunner though....such a beautiful sight and the sand was freezing underfoot, it really was such an energizing start to the day.

The day of driving through bush....bush.....bush.....more bush..... Kangaroo!!!! That's right, we saw one.....it was small, but we saw one!


We had to stop at Snowy River and get a photo seeing as snowy river was the name of the river that ran through my family farm when I was just a little giant fat baby ankle biter.


I made a friend while Guy stopped for a surf at a random beach....he made me miss my ginger buddy so badly!!!! We wonder if it is normal to miss your dog as much as we do.... Although our wonderful parents have each been sending little updates on how he is doing..... I love that he is spending his time between the two sets of grandparents! They all love him as much as we do!


Oh yes, this is our penthouse.... Don't be jealous. We can't all live the high life.

It is very cosy..... And we have to take turns being the big spoon so that we don't lose feeling on one side of our body but it was pretty beautiful this morning. I had the flap door rolled up and Guy had parked under a massive tree, so I felt like I was In a tree house (amazing) and the birds were squawking and the waves were crashing and it was all a bit lovely really.

Ok I must go....Off to lay on the beach with my book and my camera....


  1. That camper van is AMAZING.

    Sounds like you guys are having a great time! Laying on the beach with a book and a camera sounds like heaven to me.

    1. That campervan really was quite the treat.... And it was a slice of heaven but alas I am back to work!


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