the unfaithful ways

I went out for dinner last night with a few old friends including my sisters teenage boyfriend, with whom I’ve always remained close like a brother from another mother. His new lady had come down from Auckland with him and prior to meeting, he had told me her name and the name of her band purely for googling purposes (important pre-meeting 
 research). I arrived late for dinner (no surprises) and the 4 of them were already eating their mains!! Enter the awkward turtle….. I don’t think my butt had even touched the seat when Justin introduced me to Claire and I verbally vomited “hi, I googled you” all over her…ummmmm are you mental… She was gracious, I was mortified. So I quickly ordered the only vegetarian thing on the menu,only to remember when the blushing left my brain, I don’t like satay.
Next stop was a gig at duxlive with ‘the unfaithful ways’ it was great, they are fantastic!! Well worth a buy on iTunes if you like a bit of country. We decided the lead singer was a cross between Elvis and Robert Pattinson…. ElvPatz.
The Elvis part was probably bought up by me…. And my deep rooted Elvis obsession. Dad bought me a custom made Elvis nighty when I was 8, I insisted on wearing it tucked into my jeans as a tshirt for days on end, it’s still in my pajama draw and I can do a near perfect Elvis lip quiver, even better than my Dad’s…. As for my sweet Shane Hansen print from Ma and Pa…It’s the first thing someone see’s as they enter our home….. As it should be. Yes, that is Elvis with a moko…. Bow down.
Happy Easter Friday!

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