woolshed shenanigans

When my family were home we went on a mission to flock hill station...that place is seriously gorgeous and Autumn looks good on it. My sister Sarah and her lovely Birdman Maurice, had their beautiful wedding at Flock Hill and while we were there we did the trek up to the knoll where they were married and had a drink in the setting sun.......ahhhhh how romantic... With your whole family. While we were up there we did this lovely corny thing where we all shared a highlight of 2012 with each other. And a couple of us had the same highlight.

The bitches box.

Sounds nasty, but it's far from it. The bitches box is a seriously talented 3 Women travellin' show that performed at woolsheds around the South Island.

Guy and I went to the Takamatua show with my lovely parents, it was an amazing spot, the sun was setting they had people making homemade burgers on a BBQ and the Sav Blanc was flowing...

The night starts with a fantastic acoustic set from the wonderful Miss Mel Parsons.... I personally love her music and her latest album is a real treat....I was that awkward audience member sitting in the front row subconsciously miming all the words to all the songs, only to be made aware of my embarrassing faux pas after the show by my darling fella. Awesome, 10 cool points.

Next up was the hilarious play (written by the clever actresses themselves) The Bitches Box. It is about 2 lady farm dogs, one old and wise, and the other.... Young and jacked up on heat. It was a laugh a minute show and the ladies were freakin hilarious... I'm sure it would help if you have had experience with farm dogs, but even if you haven't, the acting chops that those two bring to the show will have you in stitches anyway. My dad and I would simultaneously lunge forward in laughter (what, you can laugh without lunging? Impossible in my family) and there are still bitches box references thrown out there by my dad that get us all laughing.

One of those clever actresses is a lovely friend of ours, Amelia Guild, Who is not only a talented play write and actress but also an incredible artist (I know! Seriously Amelia....You're being a little greedy) her art is pretty wonderful, an explosion of colour and awesome on a canvas. So if you like awesome things you should check it out.

This is the best part... a little birdy told me that they are in the process of planning a North Island tour. You really must go! Such a great and different thing to do! How many of you have gone to a theatre worthy show in a woolshed? Keep an eye on The Bitches Box website for tour info!

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