It's definitely winter

They said it would snow and snow it did! This is our second winter in a row where we have had a huge amount of snow down to sea level....and I'm not complaining! It is so magic! We had the most bluebird beautiful weather the next day, it was perfect for a walk down to the park with Jed and Guy...even my sweet Mum came along. It was f f f f ffreeeeezzing though, I had so many layers on that when I walked back into the house I broke into a instant sweat.


I did what anyone would do while cooped up in the house with no clients being able to get here. I baked, cooked and ate. I sent Nana her usual Wednesday quiche, made a yumbo blueberry crumble cake and some spinach and ricotta gnocchi for dinner. Yuuuuuuuuuum!

That cake got owned.

Snow is fun. That is the moral of this post. The little boys down our street wearing gumboots and rugby shorts agreed with me.


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  1. Your blog has a great texture. It also has great pictures and is a good read. I forgot about it for a while but found it again today. Great stories from Aussie and snow in Chch! Hi of 11 and pissing rain here in Calgary today... Happy snow days!


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