obsess much?

So, this is the first time I've talked about something other than the in's and out's of our everyday.... Breath of fresh air? I bet!

How amazing are these works by the vey talented artist/illustrator/embroidery gangsta Izziyana Suhaimi I am in LOVE { yep pure bold and underlined love} with her work and especially this little one above!
I am generally attracted to quirky, whimsy illustrations but how much more special can it get than Izziyana then taken the time to embroider the perfect bow/beanie/beautiful pattern onto an already beautiful eye catching drawing? It doesn't get more special..... In my opinion {i'm obviously very into these}.

If you haven't already clicked one of her links then click here for her website.... I'm sure you will fan out just as much as I have.

All photos collected from Izziyana's website

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