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Well.... I have taken my amateur writing to some semi gloss pages, aka Abode Magazine. I thought I would share my first and latest little 'columicle' {part column, part tiny article, and slightly comical that I am doing something like this... But also very exciting!!!!} here goes.... Be kind.

It was one of 'those walls'. A wall that is a funny shape or has light switches in awkward places, just generally not very art friendly. My particular problem was my low 1960's ceiling and with everything that I had going on at floor level, it meant that the space would have been too busy with art hung above. It was too boring completely bare, it just needed something subtle..... Cue lightbulb moment (insert ding noise). WORDS! I love words as wall art.

I found these fantastic, super-lightweight {not going to put a hole in your Tv when it falls in an earthquake} wooden letters at a local online store - for $5each. They come in upper or lower case and in their natural wood state which looks great. Because I was going for an 'it's there but not quite' look, I painted them the same colour as our wall. I used a mini sponge roller so I could paint just the top without losing the depth on the side which gives them the shadow effect on the wall from any angle. I used a level and a pencil to draw a straight line and then an eftpos card to space the letters evenly. You can hang them with anything from blu-tak to adhesive strips. I chose the end of a quote we like; "Whatever you are, be a good one", a nice daily reminder. Hopefully this helps to put an end to one of your awkward wall moments.


Other ways with words

Scour garage sales, markets and opshops for old prints with great frames. Flip the print and paint the backside with blackboard paint or get a thin sheet of plywood cut to size and use that instead. Use your new blackboard as a dinner party menu in your kitchen or scratch down weekly quotes for some inspiration.

Also check out Typo for their array of mismatched letters, great for kids rooms, or in our case, our bathroom.



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