Vanishing act


So, I've been on another planet this last week and it turns out there's no Wifi. Sorry for the complete lack of posts, I'm sure you're just absolutely distraught (my high school English teacher used to always tell me that "sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" and I still can't help it....ahhh, me and my gutter wit)

Even though I have been absent, I did appear on someone else's blog.... My good friend Ju has an ahhhhmazing blog that you can click here and stalk through. She is a curator of coolness, she is good for the soul and bad for the wallet but above all this girl just knows whats up and is always finding things to inspire. Well, I have played a small part in her 'behind closed doors' feature which is such a great idea of hers.... It's like going to an open home when you aren't even in the market but you just wanted to walk through and look at someone's house and stuff...But this way you're actually learning some stuff about them along the way. All very interesting and because they have offered up the photos and info themselves, far less creepy.

Here are some of the snaps that featured on our wee section But make sure you go and check out all of the rest at studio home

The photo at the top is of our front door and the antler coat rack that Guy so cleverly made (inspired by his friend Edward whose farm the cast antler came from)


My kitchen.... I love you kitchen. It is my special place.

Our living room

My little salon, where the hairs go to look great.

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  1. What a lovely home Katrina!
    and that kitchen is to die for! LOVE!


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