Day trippin'

Saturday was a day of road tripping.... We drove 3hrs to our friends engagement party and 3hrs back home. Seems like a lot, but..... A) it was a party for Seth and Penny and they are two of the kindest folk you'll ever meet and we love them dearly ANNNNNDDDD we got to see loads of other nearests and dearests including our godson Henry who we absolutely ADORE!! B) the drive was out to the Kaikoura coast and beyond and it is one of the most amazing scenic drives in New Zealand. Jed loves it as much as we do....

So darn awesome.

Unfortunately the famous Nins Bin crayfish trailer was closed so Guy had to go without. But he managed to sneak in a winter surf at Maungamanu, nothing quite as amazing as looking out to snow covered alps when you're surfing..... Ummmmm just to clarify, I have never done that myself but I'm sure there is nothing quite like it.... Where the mountains meet the sea, it's where I wanna be.



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