Hairy situation

Yes, right now my mop is making me crazy, I think if I cut it all off I'd lose 5kg.

My hair is out of control huge. I have been reverting to my old ways of coloring and cutting it myself and it has tied me over for a substantial amount of time but now I am desperate to get a colour and cut from my lovely friend Michelle. Being a hairmagician myself, I am definitely a bad one for just sitting down and getting into the DIY but there is something sooooo delicious about relaxing and having it all done for you, it might have something to do with not getting chronic arm cramp but mainly because Michelle and her little salon Balayage Hair are awesome and I get to see my old partner in crime Becks.

Now I know my hair isn't horrible, in fact it is quite alright and is somewhat of a security blanket. It is crazy thick and coarse, my Nana has always said I could sew my buttons on with it and it has a natural kink to it, but good lord is it a mane..... Sometimes I see photos of myself and I think...

A very tall, very hairy creature.

This hair was the reason I started hairdressing, I wanted to know the inside tricks of mane taming. I'm going to share my personal tricks with y'all.... Pay close attention if you have CYHS (crazy yeti head syndrome)

I always wash my hair the day before an event... Wash the day of and I'm a crazy mofro

Use a sea salt spray and an oil on towel dried hair, I use Davines Oi and Davines wizards No.14 sea salt primer.

Let my hair dry naturally pulled into a loose top knot...also, sleep like this.

Go over natural curls with a curling tong to define

Carry my Davines Melu serum EVERYWHERE to tame the fro.Yep, I use a lot of Davines because it's the business and it's what I choose to stock in my little salon, LOVE all of their stuff.

Hint: whenever using a tong/wand always wrap the hair around the barrel away from your face, don't curl the very end of the hair around the barrel to get a more natural tousled look.


Annnnnnnnnnnd.... My new necklace, not taking it off for a while.

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