An ode to Ginger

Prepare for canine photo bomb

As its been mentioned before, we love our dog Jed in all of his 'human eyes' ginger glory. He is our constant +1, we rarely go anywhere without him. Which I think is how it should be... I can't tell you how much of my time is taken up with worrying about dogs who are left alone for hours on end!!!

Now, I'm pretty sure Jed is completely fluent in English (forget doglish) and one of these days he's probably going to big deal. But this could lead to him becoming famous and anyone who knows him will be cool by association, so it will probably pay to be fully acquainted.


Awwwww. Jed loves a good snuggle and is always the little spoon. He actually sleeps on his own bed through the night but he starts and finishes with a spoon. We are big fans of the Saturday morning lie in with this ginger fur baby... You wont find this pup curled up at the foot of the is head on a pillow laying right beside us or not at all.

Ok, so there are countless morning snuggle photos.... I could have a blog solely dedicated to them but amittedly that would be a whole new low for me.

When I took this photo I had walked into our bedroom and Jed who knows he is not allowed toys or treats on our bed sat there with his little human eyes and looked from his chew bone to me, chew bone to me, me to chew bone. Without me saying anything he picked it up... Jumped off the bed put it down and jumped back up as if he'd never moved.

Now, I must stress.... Although we love our dog like crazy and consider him our first child (contrary to what people say, he will not be forgotten when human babies appear) we have and will not unless the real babies don't happen be dressing him up like a human. It creeps me out when I see dogs in outfits and lookin' like they wanna jump in front of the nearest car and put themselves out of their misery. Don't do it.... Unless its Halloween, then it's funny.

I will leave you with a quote from my sister,

"imagine his surprise when one day Jed catches a glimpse of his reflection in a pond and realizes that his whole body is covered in ginger hair and he is in fact NOT a human"

We will never speak of such a day again...,

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