Washpen Magic

This right here is three very happy ladies (four, if you count me behind the camera) at the top of the most amazing walk. At this point I didn't know how much better it could get, but on the way down...Oh my! What a treat. I'm pretty sure we were being followed by fairies and other magic forest folk on the duration of this trek. 'Cause Washpen falls is just that kinda place.

It was a spontaneous suggestion from our friend Alice on Sunday morning that we head over to her family farm to do, what she always refers to as, 'the walk'. Keen for some leg stretching after a few generous tipples the night before, Cecil, Ju and I were in like three flynns (that's a lot of in) and off we went. As soon as we pulled up and I saw the beautiful old bedford van and the gorgeous little woolshed turned office/hq for the Washpen falls walk, I was blissing out on all of my surroundings. We caught up with Alice's fantastic folks, picked a daisy and then a walking stick (admittedly I grabbed a Cattle prod to begin with...turns out they are not walking sticks) and we started our little trek.

Well, 'the walk' turned out to be THE walk in my opinion, I was completely wow'ed by the whole thing. Not quite the little wander over paddocks I had imagined.... Not even a little bit.



One of the most incredible things about this walk is the ever changing landscape, we went from magic woodland, to rainforest, to highcountry, to bright green ravines. I even lay myself down to peer over the edge of the abseiling platform, kind of a big deal. I felt lightheaded and vomitus afterwards but it was worth it.



I hope my iPhone camera photos are doing it justice....It really was magic, afterwards I was all jacked up on Washpen falls, high on washies...or perhaps high on honey dew. So fun licking the honeydew off of the beech trees, well we collected it on our fingers first.... Except Cecil. Cecil licked the tree.

This walk is such a MUST DO! click here to head to the Washpen Falls website and start planning your springtime walkies.

Soot, the family sheep, says goodbye and thanks for coming.


  1. aaahhh.. it looks magical, Katrina!

    Would be so nice to do an enchanted/romantic themed shoot there.. lovely!

    1. Yes! It would be amazing for a shoot like that. I will be your personal assistant and provider of sweet treats if I get to tag along! X


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