Week of treats

So far this week is going stupendously... I was visited by the magic boot fairy and in case you were wondering, the boot fairy's name is Caroline Jones.  

This is how it all started.... my wonderful friend Caroline bought some gorgeous boots while she was here visiting from Wellington just over 18months ago from the now empty area that was High Street in Christchurch. They were from shoozies and were the most amazing soft leather and and such a good style. Alas, there was only one pair and seeing as she saw them first and her wallet was fatter on the day, i sat back and i admired her hooves and I quietly envied her purchase. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Caroline was visiting once again. We got on to the subject of boots because we had both bought the exact same boots for this winter without knowing until we were standing next to each other in the same city. It prompted me to ask after my old friends and she replied that they were actually a little big and she'd never really worn them...

shut. the. front. door

Well with that conversation forgotten and Caroline being back in Wellington I was taken by complete surprise when I received a parcel in the mail containing THE BOOTS!!!! Happy day!!! I was so excited....I then recalled Caro asking for my address the week before and I hadn't even suspected anything. I was beyond elated with my new loves and next time I see Caroline I will lavish her with love and chocolate and more love and chocolate.

Boots meet reader, reader meet boots


My luck didn't stop there, one of my lovely clients who came to have her locks done on Tuesday gave me this gorgeous cowhide bag that I obsessed over on her last visit.... She had bought a similar one on her recent trip to Bali and she thought this one from redcurrent wasn't wearing so well. Gah!!!! Are you kidding! I looooove it!!! I also secretly love things a little munty...I've been known to take to some new boots, bags, jeans with the odd piece of sandpaper. I love how slouchy and boho it is and I am ashamed to say that I Iove the smell of leather that it has. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful clients....not just because Penny gave me a beautiful bag but because my clients are generally incredible folk that I love catching up with on their visits.

One of my instagram mateys suggested I go and buy a Lotto ticket after this wee run of luck.... It is supposed to come in 3's right???

Maybe it's contagious...... So here is a sprinkling of a little luck of the not very Irish but I still claim it.... Thanks great grandad.

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