Fort love


I love building forts...a few months back Guy and I turned our living room into a giant fort and watched movies and chilled out for a whole day and night. Not exactly normal behavior for 29 year olds, but fun, so we didn't care about the normal thing well i didnt care and i put it on facebook and guy lost pretty much all of his man cred Well on Sunday I got to build a fort without worrying about the weirdness... Our friends Winnie & Gordie along with their two beautiful sproglets came to stay. Their oldest, Henry, was the first baby within our group of friends and he sure did set the bar pretty high. Guy and I are lucky enough to be his godparents and with the family all living in Blenheim we don't get to see them as often as we'd like,especially this last year with all the earthquake dramz! 

Our little house has limited bedrooms so we had to get creative for Henry. We have this little nook in the dining room where an old fire used to be, I have a cute wee daybed that fits in their perfectly and is pretty much the perfect size for a 2 1/2 year old... So we got to it. First creating a big sign for his fort, with all of his favorite things.... Boats, fish, trucks, buglies (aka crayfish) and wheels. Then I got two old sheets and hung them from the top of the nook to the floor. Best place for a fort, can't believe I hadn't thought of it before! When we were in there we watched some wiggles and a few other kids shows on YouTube.... I must say, the ease in which a two year old can operate an iPad is almost terrifying.


I just could not get over Henry's talking.... It's amazing seeing their little personalities shine through and just how chatty he is. At one point I was in the shower and there was a wee knock at the door, when I yelled out hello, Henry's little voice yelled back "Aunty Kat, are you almost done in theeeerrreeee!" ahhhh I just love him!!! Nia, their new baby girl is a cute little ball of smiles and cuddles, she barely makes a peep. I tell ya, these two have crazy good children. I keep telling Guy, don't think it will be like that, I'm pretty sure that is not the norm. Nia has slept through the night since she was 2 weeks old, seriously, you wouldn't read about it!!! Except you just did. Oh and I gotta say, Jed was sooooo awesome with the kids..Proud moment.




  1. I LOVE your blog. really glad to have stopped by. like me, you an unashamed dog lover. my type of person. feel free to pop by and say hello x

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment. So right.... Totally unashamed. X


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