Future dreaming

I love when there is a slight plan to life...nothing suffocatingly structured, just a loose plan. Perhaps it's better to say, when little life dreams start to look as if they can/will be achieved. This is something that has been hard to be on track with since the earthquakes... They pulled the plan rug out from beneath our shaky legs and forced us to make changes we perhaps weren't planning on making and had us putting those little dreams on hold. Well, this week has been like a giant exhale....things are happening. They're not 100% just yet, but the fact the cogs are turning is good enough for me. This is a little taste of what may be..... Fingers crossed


You may recognise this little gem, and no,we are not buying the wonderful brick mill building in waikuku. I'm sure the lovely owners would ever sell!! I had a yummy scone at the cafe on Tuesday and a 1 hour wander through the emporium and art gallery. I found some great stuff. Could have stayed there for another hour....
Waikuku, pretty great place.......
Are those fingers still crossed?!

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