S'mores and Elvis

The fact I even get to use that title excites me.... S'mores and Elvis...... so. much. fun.
Now, s'mores aren't exactly a kiwi tradition but they are a tradition with my sisters and I....we went through a stage of making these far too often over the fire at home or in the microwave if we were desperate enough. Well, the time had come in my adult life where I could reintroduce the chocolatey-marshmallowy biscuit treats, and i grasped it....with all my might.

On Friday night our lovely friends Alice the camel and Churchy had us all out for a party in the Shelter at Washpen falls (Alice's family farm). I've told you all about this place before, about it's magical qualities, Friday was no different. Obviously the people had a huge amount to do with it, but seriously that place is just so darn magnificent. How can you not be in good spirits when there are homemade venison burgers, a five litre bottle of red aka Big Bertha, bottomless 60's&70's rock and roll, including ELVIS (My main man), along with my home made s'more-gasboard (as named by Alice).

Recipe for awesomeness.

The drinks and s'mores flowed and then my Elvis legs came out, I think the Elvis lip quiver could have made an appearance as well. Oh dear. We did the washpen falls track the next day..... I have to admit the effects of big Bertha slowed me down this time but the view and chillax at the the top made it well worth it

In my s'more-gasboard I had, an agee jar full of marshmallows, a load of chocolate thins and chocolate digestives and a couple of pine cones for fire starting or just for decoration, meh...why not. And last but not least, the sticks (from my twiggy tree outside) with a little twine handle on each. I was so excited by my little wooden box.... And thought for a millisecond, I've probably taken the "I'll bring some marshmallows" comment a little too far. Campfire bliss.



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