What day is it?

Life has been a blur since Saturday.... On Saturday while I was helping my cousin/little sister I never had, but kinda always did in her, move into her new house. She was 26 weeks and 6 days pregnant and she was practically on house arrest bed rest. I'd just finished tidying the living room when she went into labour.....yep. Long story short... We drove to the hospital where Olivia's man was waiting. She was an amazing trooper through a very quick and painful labour before having an emergency c-section and giving birth to a beautiful 2lb 9.5oz baby boy. Who they've named.....

He is doing incredibly well. He takes after his strong mama and wolverine like farda! He is the most amazing wee boy.....crazy how much you can love a little soul that's not even yours! I guess that's what being an aunty feels like....I never wanted to let that little hand go.
These past two days, Liv has given me free reign to kit out their new pad and make it nice and homely for when she comes home and after several weeks and lots of growing....baby Hudson will come home too! Here are a couple of snaps of how it's looking.
P.S those great cushion are from the warehouse.... $9 for grey and $18 for the yellow. The side cushions look really dark in this photo....they're more of a charcoal grey. It's a cosy wee spot!


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