The blog has been grossly neglected as of late, so as a quick way to get you up to speed this is our life in pictures... Prepare for the bomb and brief explanations.

macarons from a lovely client
eating macarons with lovely client
lovely client
sharing macarons after lunch in the sun with Guy
and Jed, who was on watch
meeting baby Willem....huge fan!
are you smooching the screen, I'd forgive if you were
guitar and beer sessions with the fella.
So, that's almost it apart from.....
Would you just look how much this wee man has grown and how lovely Olivia looks!!!!!!!! They are all such troopers.....power and positive vibes slamming their way.
Oh and today we are the official owners of 2.5 acres, no big deal. I'm lying.....
Off for a celebratory drink now if you'll excuse me. Yeeha.

The old man


Yesterday was Fathers day. I love my Dad to the moon and back and he loves all of his girls just as much, but the person he loves most of all is my Mother....We were very lucky to grow up around two people that much in love, the only fight I ever witnessed between my parents was an act orchestrated by them to teach us a lesson about fighting with each other (sly, very sly) Clearly we were onto them though because it didn't really work! Ha!!

Anyway, Thanks Dad for teaching me how to dance and lip quiver like Elvis among so many other things. I think you will forever be the only man I know who can...... Sew, decorate a mean cake, braid hair, cook like a champ, restore a '29 chevvy from scratch, build a house, build anything, farm, paint, draw, play wild thing on the guitar like your life depends on it, and get along with anyone and everyone.

Oh yeah, and thanks for choosing me to inherit your whole face (Jim in a wig), your legs ( it's only taken 29 years for them to fill out and allow me to grow into them), your pasty Irish skin, your love for beer, and the inability to laugh without lunging. That's all been SUPER great.

This photo was taken 5 months ago, even with the hubby around I still sometimes find myself snuggled up asleep with my old seems sometimes with a beer still in hand. Classy.

You are very loved Papa.



Since we've decided to embark on the little ol' adventure of BUILDING A FREAKIN' HOUSE FROM SCRATCH.... What? Crap! Breathe..... Ok, sorry... So since we decided to build, it's had me reminiscing about our renovations on our current place. We really have come a loooong way, from mustard walls, red brick, stinky carpet/curtains and the odd bold 90's cobalt blue feature wall. There were so many long days and late nights but the end result felt like such an achievement, I also collected a rather large amount of my fathers clothes.... Including a pair of cords that I used a piece of rope to keep up...yea it was as cute as you are imagining (read: not cute at all).


One thing that I will regret hugely is that we were so busy...we barely took any photos, in fact, this is pretty much it! Gutted! Also there was a lot of vinyl....not a high point. But I did find a couple of shots that were taken from the same angle.

I'm hoping that by doing it all from scratch it will be even more satisfying, but this time we'll be in it for the long haul.


Every time we have visited the little block of land that we have an offer on, Jed straight up refuses to leave....he stages a sit down protest. He doesn't do this at parks or anywhere else, this is a new thing. He just doesn't wanna leave. I don't blame him. I wish I could click my fingers and be there right now. Yesterday.....we went unconditional! That means this little dream is going to become a reality. There is going to be a lot of hardwork involved and I'm absolutely gunning to get started. If anyone is reading who has built before and has any tips! Let me know..... Open book!