Since we've decided to embark on the little ol' adventure of BUILDING A FREAKIN' HOUSE FROM SCRATCH.... What? Crap! Breathe..... Ok, sorry... So since we decided to build, it's had me reminiscing about our renovations on our current place. We really have come a loooong way, from mustard walls, red brick, stinky carpet/curtains and the odd bold 90's cobalt blue feature wall. There were so many long days and late nights but the end result felt like such an achievement, I also collected a rather large amount of my fathers clothes.... Including a pair of cords that I used a piece of rope to keep up...yea it was as cute as you are imagining (read: not cute at all).


One thing that I will regret hugely is that we were so busy...we barely took any photos, in fact, this is pretty much it! Gutted! Also there was a lot of vinyl....not a high point. But I did find a couple of shots that were taken from the same angle.

I'm hoping that by doing it all from scratch it will be even more satisfying, but this time we'll be in it for the long haul.

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