The blog has been grossly neglected as of late, so as a quick way to get you up to speed this is our life in pictures... Prepare for the bomb and brief explanations.

macarons from a lovely client
eating macarons with lovely client
lovely client
sharing macarons after lunch in the sun with Guy
and Jed, who was on watch
meeting baby Willem....huge fan!
are you smooching the screen, I'd forgive if you were
guitar and beer sessions with the fella.
So, that's almost it apart from.....
Would you just look how much this wee man has grown and how lovely Olivia looks!!!!!!!! They are all such troopers.....power and positive vibes slamming their way.
Oh and today we are the official owners of 2.5 acres, no big deal. I'm lying.....
Off for a celebratory drink now if you'll excuse me. Yeeha.

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  1. Congratulations on your 2.5 acres! Where is it?

    As always you have a gift with the camera; your pictures are great.

    Cheers from Canada!


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