The old man


Yesterday was Fathers day. I love my Dad to the moon and back and he loves all of his girls just as much, but the person he loves most of all is my Mother....We were very lucky to grow up around two people that much in love, the only fight I ever witnessed between my parents was an act orchestrated by them to teach us a lesson about fighting with each other (sly, very sly) Clearly we were onto them though because it didn't really work! Ha!!

Anyway, Thanks Dad for teaching me how to dance and lip quiver like Elvis among so many other things. I think you will forever be the only man I know who can...... Sew, decorate a mean cake, braid hair, cook like a champ, restore a '29 chevvy from scratch, build a house, build anything, farm, paint, draw, play wild thing on the guitar like your life depends on it, and get along with anyone and everyone.

Oh yeah, and thanks for choosing me to inherit your whole face (Jim in a wig), your legs ( it's only taken 29 years for them to fill out and allow me to grow into them), your pasty Irish skin, your love for beer, and the inability to laugh without lunging. That's all been SUPER great.

This photo was taken 5 months ago, even with the hubby around I still sometimes find myself snuggled up asleep with my old seems sometimes with a beer still in hand. Classy.

You are very loved Papa.


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  1. Such a fabulous post. I couldn't have said it any better. Xxxx


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