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On Saturday I co hosted my first ever baby shower for who is essentially my first nephew!!! My cousin Olivia gave birth to little Hudson when he was only 26weeks!!!! Wowza! If you have been reading these ramblings of mine then you'll already be acquainted.
It wasn't your standard shower.... We had pimms, bubbly and no games (as requested by Livvy). The fact Hudson had already made his debut, meant that Olivia could enjoy a wee tipple herself and for the first time in 6 weeks, have a bit of a night with the girls.
In Lieu of games I made a book for the wee fella to look back on when he is a strapping young lad, each person had a Polaroid taken and filled a page of advice for him.
I also made the print at the top (using the photo that Johno, Hudson's Dad, took of his first wave at the camera) and framed a big one for the happy parents, one for the nana and two for the lucky winners of the draw.......the draw being that everyone wrote their name and address on an envelope and put it into a big jar, we did this to make one less job for Olivia when it came to sending thank you notes. Success.
It was such a great day with great girls and a big thanks to my fellow host the 'real' Aunty Amy. Who thankfully did all the talking, something I am incapable of doing in front of a room full of eyes staring at me without the possibility of self combusting with nerves. She actually very near brought a tear to my eye...which as it turns out is not a very difficult thing to do.
In fact, many a tear flowed today when I got to hold beautiful Hudson for the first time... Look how big he is!!!!!
Oh and this guy.... Gary.... You can hear more about him below.

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  1. what a lovely shower you threw! and the book is so sweet. cheers to hudson!


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