Garland girls

We didn't go craycray with the baby shower decorations... Just little touches here and there, but, we had our main feature. 

Gary the garland.

He was made out of a lot of fabric, which involved a lot of tearing or cutting and what felt like the beginnings of tennis elbow and some twine.

I was pretty certain it packed a fair punch in the visual stakes. We went for a carnival colour theme which was perfect for a baby boy, no?

Tools required on the day....

The coffee turned out to be a necessity for Amy....a coffee and kisses from Jed.
Oh, the little paper doilys I'm holding in front of the garland were from the $1 store and I spelt out Hudson's name on them and made a bunting. I was inspired by my clever friend Michelle,she had made doily bunting for her salon a little while back. I banked it.
Side note.....when holding a garland, that weird bending banana stance is the way to go. Aka, I have no upper arm strength, Gary was heavy and my body was buckling.

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