Keepin' it sweet

This house stuff really can be pretty stressful, so many decisions and so many ideas to come up with to keep the budget nice and LOW! I am so passionate about the design stuff and Guy just let's me run with it, which is actually great, but until his parts of the process come along, I can occasionally feel like I'm dragging the cart alone (enter the finance and spreadsheet stage, I'm breaking into a sprint in the opposite direction) they say building a house is one of the most testing things a couple can do together, and testing it has and will continue to be. To be completely honest we very rarely (practically never) fight with each other, not in an annoying 'we never fight instead we write love notes and he paints my toenails' kinda way... It's just, neither of us like the feeling of it, some people need that release and can have a barny and go on with their day, but for me, I'll worry about it until its all sorted!

I hate the feeling of being in a huff with someone, it eats me up. So, early on in this process we decided to have a safe song....kinda like a safe word but less creepy and a lot more fun. We promised that if anything ever got too much and we needed to shake it off and remember that this is actually a very cool thing to be doing and we're damn lucky, we would listen to this song, dance like awkward turtles and laugh it off.

Friday morning was the first time. We had a bit of a moment in the morning and hadn't really sorted it.... it was so minor in the grand scheme of the project and after taking the time to realise that, I went into the living room, turned on the surround sound, cranked the safe song and waited poised in the robot. Guy emerged from the other end of the house, big smile, bad dance moves. All was good again. Safe songs rule, meet ours and its hilariously weird video remix



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