let there be light

I've started to invest a lot of thought into our lighting in the new house.... I want to avoid using any downlights/ceiling lights that are so commonly used in new homes here in NZ. Two reasons, I don't love the look of them and they often create problems and holes in ceiling insulation, we want to make this house as energy efficient as we can. When I think about how we use the lighting in our current place, it is very rare that we utilize all of the down lights. We have one main pendant light in the living room that we installed during the reno and its on a dimmer. We pretty much just use that and barely ever have it going full shine! Same for the bedrooms.... The old style of one ceiling light in the middle of the room suits bedrooms perfectly in my opinion, we barely ever have our ceiling light on, instead we just light up the bedside lights. Ambience aplenty.

I have been obsessing over Ico traders lighting fixtures... Not to mention their furniture, but that's for another day... Check out this range of rewired vintage lamps that popped up on my newsfeed this morning. I'm in capital letters LOVE.

Also, these aqua beauties below would look perfecto above the future kitchen island. Dreaming big!!!
Check our their website for inspiration and wallet emptying, I've liked them on Facebook and have been loving the giveaways and news showing up on my newsfeed.


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