Boxy day

Oh, The yesteryears! When it only cost 30c for a loaf of bread, when your parents would walk for miles to school in the snow with barefeet and when old wooden boxes were used for packaging nails, screws, car parts and the like....None of this throw away nonsense of today. It's time to ask your Grandpa, Dad, Uncle or Old man next door if they have any of these sweet wooden boxes that you can make use of.... Or if you run out of man options....maybe just go to a junk shop.

These boxes were readily available in my Fathers garage, a builder for many years and a hoarder for many more he has (well, had) loads of them. So, I got to tipping all of the contents into any vessels available and using them for a greater good, like my bookcase, recycling bin, small side table, shampoo station in the salon and a place to keep all of my salon products.

I could drone on about how I did each one, but really, that's an incredibly long post. If you're thinking "don't be such a lazy mofo"... email me (maybe not with that subject title, meanie) and I'll send you some tips.


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