fragments of a few days

Seriously busy weekend, so busy it has to be done in bullet points... 

  • Friday fun times with friends at our place, there may have been some "catch the cheese in your mouth while going fast on the cross trainer" games.
  • Move Guys parents (and their impressive hoard of belongings) out of their family home and inherit some AMAZING stuff!! Including a couple of old wooden boxes, one of which is nice and shallow and ideal as a water station for my kitchen, yep, I like to feel like I live in a cafe.
  • Meet baby Jack piercey... All 3lbs2oz of him, what is going on with all the TINY babies that my friends and family are having. Bite sized little beauties!!!
  • Went for a Waikuku mission with my lady love Emily
  • Made a massive lot of macaroni cheese for dinner....comfort foodius maximus! Yuuuuuuum
  • Watched the hunger games with Guy, seriously.... Can't get over the Peeta casting. Just not what I had in my head! Gale... I'm ok with. Very ok.
  • Mowed our lawns at the our little tractor. Still trying to think of a name for her....
  • Cut my lady love Clare's hair off....from lower back to above boob! She cradled it in her hands and then we both took photos of it. Not weird at all.
How sweet is this photo of my father in law learning to row a boat in the sounds...awwww

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