Waiting by my letterbox

I ordered these two prints above by Elizabeth Mayville this morning.... And I'm going to be like an excited kid checking my letterbox everyday until they come. The thing about these is, I think a lot of us can kind of identify with the painting.
Do you wear stripes? ... Ah, yes, all the time.
What about a topknot? Yes, indeed, what else can you do on day 5 of dirty hair...oh that's right! a messy side braid.

Do you have pasty white skin that is always tinged with pink?.... Slowly raise hand while flushed cheeks grow to the deepest shade of pink that a human body can create.

The point is, the blondey could be me, the brunette could be my sister and the red head could be my ginger cousin Olivia (hehehe, love you livvy)!
Go to her etsy store to get your own


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