weekend dominated

This weekend we dominated our section... We bought trees, filling two trailers, then unloaded all of them on site. We marked out where every hole would be (1 metre away from the fence and 1 metre apart.....for 115 metres) Used a crazy machine thingy to dig all of the holes (oh and tear through a water pipe - fail!) then planted all of the trees in a nice looooooong row.

When we finished that, I stained the pump shed to pretty much finish it off AND today we set up an irrigation drip system for every single one of those trees.

My body does NOT want to do anymore squats....EVER. There were more up and downs (literally) in the last 3 days than I've done in my entire life.

As tiring as it was....it was freakin' rewarding! And last night we felt deliriously happy with ourselves. Unfortunately all the photos I took of the work we completed were taken at the end of the day and unbeknownst to my tired eyes my camera lens was covered in dust.... So you'll just have to take my word for it. We did good, kid.
Off to sleep for as long as this body lets me.

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  1. Kat wow! Just checking out your blog and you guys are casually suddenly all over the house and section-awesomeness! Ju x


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