Get a deal

I love a bargain and I love sharing where my bargains come from. Nothing pleases me more than when someone asks if my $10 dress from The Warehouse is from Ruby....
Had to share these cute sandals from Number One Shoes, the back which you can't quite see is pastel yellow and they have a strip of metallic silver on the back of the heel, I love them and I know they are going to be worn to death this summer!
Need them? Buy them here
And, Yes...I'm sure you will be very surprised/outraged to know my foot modeling career never really took off...
I also bought a great shirt and blazer from cotton on and as always I paid the extra for a charity tote-bag. I am loving the totes they have at the moment (can I do a totes cool pun? Not ok? Moving on then...), they're made of natural hessian and you can choose a love print like mine or a neon yellow peace print. I think they are pretty darn perfect for summer market shopping.
Oh, If the shirt looks crinkled and dirty it's because it is, I pulled it out of my washing basket like the classy bird I am. And I must add that the collar is really neon orangey/pink in real life! Loooove
My red jeans, along with every pair of coloured jeans I own, are from glassons ($29.95) I love the fit of them and I know I can buy whatever colour in my size online and know they'll be just fine. That's what I'm talking about #ihatechangingrooms
So there you are, bargains shared.... Go and bag your own if you must.


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