Jordie Lane

Worth. The. Drive.

We have his album 'Bloodthinner' but we didn't know anything about him or his style of performing. Well, it turned out to be freakin awesome... The man could be a professional storyteller/comedian, oh, and it turns out he loves dogs, a lot. Tick! you Jordie Lane are one awesome dude. He was so entertaining and witty, adding that to his list of tunes, we had a seriously great night and if you ever get the chance to see this Melbourne singer/jester... Do it!

As a bonus, one of my favourite NZ singer/songwriters Marlon Williams (lead singer of The Unfaithful Ways) was supporting Jordie on this leg of his tour. Wowza, this kid ( ....turns out he's 20 or thereabouts, slightly awkward as he's also rather easy on the eye) has a set of golden pipes. His voice makes you drift away back to your grandparents record collection playing scratchily on the turntable. He must have a dusty old soul to write and sing the way he does.... 20! Seriously.



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