Loving the land

Well, I made it. I wasn't dropped down a hole, instead we saved a baby bird that had flown down into one of the holes and couldn't get back out ......He hopped away unscathed, back into the dense macrocarpa hedge... Hooray!

It was a scorching 33°c the day we put the poles in..... we had to keep dunking our clothes into a drum of water and wearing them wet to stay cool-ish. But we soldiered on and got every single pole in, nice and straight! The best part about the scorching work day was that we experienced much of the goodness our soon to be new neighborhood has to offer, like a river 3mins down the road, the beach 3mins in the opposite direction, frozen berry yoghurts, fruit shacks and livestock traffic jams.

The concrete arrives tomorrow and hopefully it's all go after that! 2 more days of work then Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, 2 weeks holiday woohoooo!


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