Pining for the high country

Meet Delrachney Station......
At this very moment Guy will be working in the hot Southern sun, tailing lambs, drenching or drafting...Probably doesn't sound like fun to some of you but I went last year and not only did I become champion sprayer of lambs bottoms I also fell deeply in love with those hills and all the people that come with them. I've been looking through my photos from last year and wishing I could of been there... Here's a taste of last year and what I'm missing.
We finished our stay off last year with some claybird shooting and a stay at their amazing top hut. And after all this bragging.... You can go there too....they have opened up their beautiful farm for others to enjoy...check out their website and to see how you can experience Delrachney for yourself.
Oh and by the way, don't feel too bad for me missing out on the fun....I'm chilling with the cutest nephew in the world, he proved to be one heck of a blogging buddy. Hope his little head gives you a daily cuteness fix.



  1. This year there were no awards as noone could even come close to the awesomeness that is Katrina Nurse - Chief Sprayer! We missed you terribly and are hoping like hell you and that technique will be back next year to show us how its done! I promise bacon & egg pie, chocolate slice and many more laughs! Much love xx Andy

  2. I am soooooo there! The fomo was too much to bear this year. See you very soon xoxox


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