It started with a stump......
As all good stories do right?
I should say that I only wrote that on the stump because it was a song that I had in my head and I thought it was quite nice. I actually did see the goodness in the stump and then I drew all over it.... I hope that's not too criminal.

I thought the bark made quite a nice frame and I felt like getting crafty. Arrows are so hot right now (ok, you have to say that in a zoolander voice otherwise I sound like a bit of a dick) I'm going to drill a hole in the back of each stump so that they can be hung.....on my wall/Someone else's wall after Xmas? I haven't decided. If you get these for Xmas and you read my blog, act surprised.


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  1. So this is what you were up to this morning... Looking good.


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