Saturday, December 29, 2012

Working holiday

Excuse the photo bombs, so many pictures, so little time.
The shed is being framed up today after a very frustrating mix up with the hardware required for its construction, they sent it to Waiuku in the North Island instead of waikuku here in Canterbury.... Not once, but twice!! Haha what can ya do! Dad and Guy are working tirelessly out there today trying to make up lost time.
I'm currently in the tent writing to you....
I did cook them up a nice big barbecue lunch, bbq'd corn on the cob, beef sausies, beef skewers and carrot salad and I made sure they were well watered. With pilsner....
I've got to be honest, I've also been getting all green eyed monstery while ogling everyone's holiday instasnaps.... Kinda wishing we were on a beach somewhere with nothing to do but laze around and get nice and fat. And then I realized that we were building our dream home and that the beach is less than 5minutes down the road and frequented by us regularly (see above), so I quickly slapped myself for being such a brat and then ate a toblerone....

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