I know I don't usually bang on about products on here..... But I'm gonna.

Because I found the blueberry Mecca and I think you all know how I feel about my daily blueberry smoothie! Yesterday I went to Countdown, not my usual supermarket, but I was on my way home from the section after a hard weekends work and I needed blueberries...

That's when I saw them, in all of their beautifully packaged, NZ grown, certified organic glory... OOB blueberries.

I had my first smoothie using them this morning and the taste was soooo much better than all theother smoothies I've made for the last 3 years, I actually feel jilted. Perhaps they're a sign, a good omen.... 2013 is going to taste awesome and look good.

Check out their website for a list of stockists so you can get some too (sharing is caring) and beware because they also have crazy good looking ice cream and sorbets.



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