Hello 2013

I hope all of you had a safe and fun filled beginning to 2013, we celebrated by having a few tipsy drinks together, making Guy a bowtie out of hessian and then snapping silly photos of ourselves.... Memory making? More of a case of two people and a dog trying to make their own fun in a tent with a building site outside threatening a full hard days work come the morning.... My parents arrived around 9pm, we had a glass jar of bubbly and then a fake countdown around 10:50pm because we all wanted to get to bed so we could get to work. New Years, shmew years! Well, I just hope that you out there partied like the world didn't end and had a sweet pash when the clock struck 12!
It was actually so nice to spend the day/dusk out on the block with each other and Jed though....
Holy Moly!!! has there been some progress made out here.... Yeeha!

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